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Can I Get Approved With a Bankruptcy?

The simple answer is, yes!  Many lenders don’t work with all types of credit, but we work with the dealerships that do.  With our intellicredit process, we are able to work with the existing dealer network to find you the best possible financing scenario. 

Here are a few questions people have about the auto approval BK-OK process.

How much money down will I need?      We have programs that require no money down, however most banks would like to see a small investment from the customer. In addition, money you put down will lower your payment and potentially get you a better interest rate.

How long do I have to wait to finance a new car after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?  Don’t wait any longer!!! will help you re-establish your credit by finding you the best lender and dealer combination for your situation.  

What about Chapter 13?  We find dealers that work with hundreds of lenders and have access to thousands of financing scenarios and many of them involve this type of Bankruptcy. takes the guess work out of it. Don't spend hours at the dealership, just fill out some of your information here, and see the banks response in minutes, not hours.

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